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From The Desk Of Belle Baguley
Ringwood, Vic, Australia 

Hey lovely,

I'm excited to write this letter to you today as I have a very important message I just couldn't wait to share!

It's a little known, but powerful, client getting strategy that I've been lucky enough to work out...

...after working with so many business owners for almost 20 years

and now almost exclusively with female entrepreneurs.

So, if you're a 6 or 7-figure female entrepreneur who has wasted A LOT of money on marketing with minimal results...


You have no interest in hiring, training and managing an internal marketing team, 

Then this will be the most important letter you read in 2019!
Here's why...
What if I were to tell you I genuinely believe there's a way for you to grow your online presence, get more clients and exceed your revenue goals..

With a personalised and focused, step-by-step marketing strategy to make your business more profitable...

Without the stress and overwhelm of having to do it all yourself...

Without having 10 different projects on the go at once...

And without feeling lost or frustrated having your income plateau month after month…

It really is possible and I can show you how.

Can you see why I'm excited to share this with you?! :) 


Hi, my name is Belle Baguley and I've been helping female entrepreneurs grow their businesses since I was 19! I know I don't look that old (lol), but that was 18 years ago now!

Over this time I've facilitated many breakthroughs around business strategy and mindset...

I've come up with creative solutions to problems others hadn't even thought of...

I've taught business owners the best way to present their business and themselves to attract their dream clients...

I've developed detailed marketing strategies, considering all possible angles and implications prior to launch...

And I've absolutely loved getting my clients the results they needed in the process!
That's me on the right, helping another female entrepreneur grow her business!!
But life wasn’t always this straightforward
I know what it means to constantly ask yourself, “Does anyone actually know what they’re doing?”

To be promised real and measurable results from yet another marketing agency who can’t get it together.. 

To forecast increased profits only to be pulled back into the day-to-day of trying to get there by yourself… 

Or worse, spend over $100k a year on an internal marketing hire who you now have to micromanage to see basic results..  

You know the success that's possible if you could just get your business in front of the right people, 

Have the right systems in place to bring in more clients..

To have these processes streamlined so you can focus for more than 20 minutes a day on actually running the business you built.. 

Instead of trying to work your way through the basic marketing tasks that you know are necessary but just take so long! 

I started my own business when I was 19. I know the bumps in the road as well as anyone.  

It was always my path to be an entrepreneur. But, I had no idea how hard it would be to reach a point where I considered myself to be successful.. 

To earn what I knew I was worth and then continue to earn that regularly.. 

To see my marketing efforts actually bring in not only clients, but my ideal clients who were ready to buy from me..  

To have internal systems in place to grow without having to do more day-to-day work 

To impact the businesses and lives of thousands of business owners in my industry.. 

To finally get to live the lifestyle I had worked so hard to create 

But I just couldn't see a way forward.  

Maybe you can't either.. 

And that’s ok! 

Tell me if this sounds familiar...
You’ve put in the hours, spending months crafting your unique offer, planning your branding and painstakingly researching the best ways to market your business online..

You had initial traction but somewhere around 6-figures your business seemed to plateau.. 

Sure you’re still making good money… 

But, your sales have leveled out  

Your market seems tapped out and you’re out of strategies..   

As soon as your website went live, the SEO emails started flooding your inbox.. 

Strangers offered to rank your website on page 1 of Google overnight.  

So, you gave that a go.  

Your local web design company who already took $10,000+ from you to build your website pushed you..  

“Let us do Google Adwords for you.. pay per click advertising is the only way to go..” 

..but it hasn't even brought you a single new lead. 

In fact, you wouldn't be able to access your own Google Console even if you knew how to, because they wouldn't want you to see the lack of results reported in there.  

Because there was no strategy, and no one had been able to provide you any kind of way forward that could convert as well as talking to clients directly on the phone.

So you gave up on online marketing and went back to cold calling.   

Posting as often as you could on social media but relying on referrals for new business..  

Don’t worry you’re not alone!
I was there too.

I still see it now..  

Two female entrepreneurs, both with incredible offers and so much value to provide their clients. 


One is flooded with leads consistently and the other is working herself into the ground struggling to bring in anyone new.. 

Often the difference between them is simply the growth strategy they’ve chosen..

And the marketing mindset they've had forced on them.

One has chosen the manual way of marketing, cold calling and writing cold email after cold email, blogging endlessly about their products and services, throwing content out into the void and hoping something eventually sticks.

Stuck in an endless cycle of bringing in over-priced marketing agencies and hiring internally..

The other, has chosen a different path. 

And it hit me.. 
If I was going to change my own business, I’d have to think about it in a completely different way too.

So, I watched everyone.  

I hired my own growth strategist and watched her methods.. 

I joined online communities and learned from anyone I could.  

I saw female entrepreneurs in the online space dramatically impacting the lives of thousands of people around them and then I knew.. 

I had to approach business growth from a different angle. 

A whole new way to approaching growth.. 
The thought processes I’d previously let myself get stuck in no longer served me..

You know the one’s.. 

If I just work three more hours a day I’ll be more successful..  

If I just find a way to do everything faster (but not necessarily better) it will be ok.. 

If I can just find the right agency, they’ll be able to manage what I don’t have time for.. 

I can’t work with one more agency. I’ll try hiring internally again..

I was investing my time and money in things that needed to be managed by someone else..

But not just anyone..

I needed someone with more experience than me so I could focus on what I was best at.

All because I didn't know where to focus my time or who to trust to get me there..

I had ten projects all happening at once and I was trying to do all of the work myself.

But, when I started to think differently..

To learn to trust others with my vision..

I changed.

My business changed.

I had a team of trusted experts to implement my ideas and suddenly my revenue goals didn’t seem so unrealistic..

My marketing started to be met with an overwhelming response..

I started converting really important clients..

Who were happy to pay me what I was worth because they actually valued my services!

I began doubling my income month after month..

Implementing my new strategies in the businesses of my clients and watching them do the same.

Now, I get to work from my favourite part of Melbourne

dominate in the online space

and do what I am passionate about, every day! 

The reason I'm sharing this with you is because I want the same for you..
I don't want you to get stuck in the trenches for years trying to break through what seems like an impossible revenue level..

Or keep throwing money at marketing techniques that have been dead for years.

I’m so happy you’re here. 

The Road To Success Is Paved With Clever Marketing
You’re here for a reason, right?

You’re ready to speed up your growth and make up for lost time.

The truth is there is a lot to learn.

I won’t sugar coat that.

Especially when it comes to online marketing.

You’ll have to learn some things that might not feel natural to you.

But, these are things that actually work. 

Things like... 
  •  How to figure out what you’re actually worth
  •  How to build this into an offer you can sell confidently
  •  How to generate recurring income so you're not always chasing invoices just to pay your bills 
  •  How to leverage your brand to give your business the WOW factor in a flooded online space 
  •  How to position yourself as an industry thought leader even if no one knows who you are (yet..)  
I know.

I get it.

I struggled with all of these myself.

I had to work it all out over time with a lot of mistake-making.

Thousands spent on online courses and business retreats to create a workable system I could build for others.

Weeks of trying and failing to find the best methods for success.

If you're overwhelmed

I promise you I know how you feel

I know what it’s like to be so exhausted you cry in the shower..

Not because you’re sad

(well, maybe a little)

But mostly you’re just exhausted

And lost

And feeling like you’re all alone.


What I discovered was that all it took was having one great strategy to completely transform things.

A strategy tailored specifically for your business..

To help you to draw out your big picture vision and create a step-by-step strategy so you can achieve it - with ongoing support so you never feel alone again! 

A personalised strategy makes all the difference..
Achieving success as a female entrepreneur is A LOT easier when...
  •  You have an actionable strategy, custom designed with your vision and unique life situation in mind..
  •  You know the exact path to follow 
  •  You know the right steps to take in what order 
  •  and you have a coach who not only creates the strategy for you, but also gives you access to her little black book of proven experts who actually get results 
  • AND
  •  even project manages the entire implementation plan for you..  
That's exactly what I want to do for you..
Introducing The Pathway to Profit Strategy Call
Because you’re here and reading this, I have a pretty good feeling you’re ready to take action and start growing your business beyond your vision. 

For that reason..

I’d like to invite you to join me in The Pathway to Profit Strategy Call to draw out your big picture vision and create a step-by-step strategy so you can achieve it.


Because you've already taken a huge first step to educate yourself on the best way forward, I'd like to offer you this call absolutely free!
So, how can I take your vision and make it your new reality?
Let me bring my 18+ years experience to your business so you can...
  •  Explore and define your big picture vision so you're crystal clear on what you're trying to achieve
  •  Develop your custom branding and marketing strategy so you have a clear plan to move you towards your revenue goals 
  •  Project manage the implementation of your strategy... 
So you don't need to…
  •  Take valuable time out of your business to do it all yourself when you don't know how or where to start
  •  Hire a marketing manager at over $100k to work full-time in your business who you then have to manage and - more importantly - trust to grow your business 
  •  Find and organise all of the experts you need to implement your strategy and hope the project comes together as planned (without each blaming the other for the lack of results) 
Having grown a web design, branding and coaching business from the ground up, I know what it takes to develop an idea into an actionable plan.

I'm here to draw out your big picture vision and create a step-by-step strategy so you can achieve it.

Together, we’ll grow your dream business to give you the freedom to live the life you deserve.
Check out what Grace Lever had to say about my coaching services...
"I've worked with Belle now for over 2 years in a community of female entrepreneurs and am pleased to find such a professional, warm and switched on entrepreneur in this digital space!

Bell's almost 2 decades of experience shines through in her natural ability to look at a business quickly and determine the most strategic, easiest path to profit for growth online.

I highly recommend Bell and her ability to get up to speed quickly and become an asset and trusted confidante for any business wanting to grow strategically and fast."
I’m going to give you this $1,000 personalised Pathway to Profit Strategy Call, FREE!

You read that right.

$1,000 of personalised strategy for your business, at no charge. 

So why would I offer this call for free.. 

Well, honestly, because it's my passion

And because I can't bear the thought of another female entrepreneur feeling the way I did. 

Everytime I get to be part of the success of a female entrepreneur such as yourself.. 

Every time I see another female business owner hit the revenue goals she never even dared to dream about..

When she sees that this truly is possible..

That's why!

The second reason?

Because this is how I get to attract my ideal clients


Because I know the value you’ll get from just this one free session with me.

So what’s stopping you from giving it a go? 

Be aware, this offer isn’t for everyone…
I’d love to be able to help everyone, but honestly,

I can only help a specific type of business owner on these calls.. 

So, in order for me to help, I do have some criteria I’d like you to meet...
  • First, you must be a genuine established business..
  •  You need to be in the coaching, consulting or professional services space. So, maybe you’re a personal brand, a motivational speaker, an author, or you offer high-priced consulting packages or services... 
  • (That means no network marketers or online shops) 
  •  You must already clearly be actively trying to market your business and have made a measurable effort..
  • This is so I know you're committed to doing the work with me to reach your goals..
  •  You must be open minded and have big (possibly scary) revenue goals for your business. 
  •  Finally, you must be ready to invest financially in your business and be prepared to work to make your vision a reality.. 
If this is you, it's your turn to take some action and join me in your free call.

Click the button below and let me draw out your big picture vision and create a step-by-step strategy so you can achieve it 

Don’t wait.


This opportunity has to be extremely limited.  


Well, firstly, I'm only one person and can only speak to a limited amount of people

And secondly, the one-on-one time we'll spend together means I purposely limit the amount of people I speak with. 

It’s important to me to be intensely focused on your business and your unique situation, vision and goals.

Imagine if I agreed to speak to 100 people!

How thinly spread and rushed would I be?

There's no value for you in that.

So having said that,

Once they're gone, they're gone!

So click that button below and secure your call so you can see your vision mapped out as an actionable plan and start implementing right away.. 
P.S. If you scrolled right to the bottom, here’s the juicy stuff

I genuinely believe there's a way for you to work with only your dream clients...

And do it with absolute clarity - a focused, step by step plan to move your business forward...

Without having to dedicate huge amounts of time to it… 

My name is Belle Baguley and I've been helping female entrepreneurs grow their businesses for close to two decades.

I help overwhelmed and time poor female entrepreneurs grow their business in a way that honours their vision.

Do any of these feel familiar to you?

"I’ve spent thousands on marketing in the past and it’s made me really cautious of who I ask for help. I don’t want to keep throwing money away on strategies that never deliver any results!” 

“I have a proven business and huge revenue goals but I just don’t know how to manage building my brand, marketing online and balancing it all with client work. I just need someone to create a strategy with me and then take control of the actual project management so I can focus on my clients.” 

Don’t worry you’re not alone.

I was there too.

I still see it now..

Two female entrepreneurs, both with incredible offers and so much value to provide their customers.


One is flooded with leads and the other is working herself into the ground struggling to bring in anyone outside of her local referrals.

So what made the difference?

How was one doing so much better than the other?

The way she approached her business was so completely different.

I made the same mistakes when I was starting out too.

I was investing my time in things that could have easily been managed by someone with more experience than me so I could focus on what I was best at.

I needed a strategy tailored specifically for my business.

To help me to draw out my big picture vision and create a step-by-step strategy so I could achieve it

And that’s exactly what I want to do for you in your own FREE Pathway to Profit Strategy Call.



So why would I offer this for free.. 

Well, honestly, because it's my passion.

And because it’s how I attract my dream clients.

So why not, right?

But, this offer isn’t for everyone. 

You need to meet this criteria...

You must have a 6-7 figure business and be prepared to invest in your business..

In the coaching, consulting or professional services space

Such as a personal brand, author, speaker, high ticket service provider

So, that means no network marketers or online shops

And time is a real factor.

I’m only one person, so I can only speak to a handful of people.

Imagine if I agreed to speak to 100 people!

How thinly spread and rushed would I be?

There's no value for you in that.

So having said that, please understand that..

Once they're gone, they're gone!

So, are you ready to make your revenue goals your new income reality?  
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